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NBLA – National Business League of Alabama
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Get to Know Us

The National Business League of Alabama is a synergistic convener of businesses, civic organizations, and corporations that have a vested interest in creating generational wealth and holistic well-being, for Alabama’s African American community. We focus on the following four elements:

Our Vision & Mission


We envision African American businesses in Alabama collectively thriving, holistically meeting the needs of communities they serve.


NBLA empowers self-sustainable African American communities by strategically uniting business owners, investors and patrons to reinvest our commonwealth and manifest economic equality.

NBLA History

Dr. Booker T. Washington founded America’s first trade association of its kind and caliber, the National Negro Business League in 1900, serving as a model for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce twelve years later. Dr. Washington ran our organization from Tuskegee, AL. towards the end of his life. In 1966 the NNBL underwent a name change, to be known as the National Business League, reflecting a cultural progression for African Americans. The National Business League of Alabama was reorganized and incorporated as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization in 2012. The founding Board of Directors was composed of the following prominent Alabama business leaders:

Founding Board of Directors

Mrs. Clara Prevo
Mr. Bob Dickerson
Mr. Gary Richardson
Mr. Reginald Swanson
Mr. Anthony Underwood


2017 saw the acquisition of a new Executive Director, Ms. Arden K. Blackwell as Executive Apprentice to Mr. Bob Dickerson. Ms. Blackwell provided NBLA with a modern strategic vision and plan under the guidance of the Board of Directors. NBLA is leading the movement towards self-sustainable African American communities in Alabama.


10% = 1M jobs

If African Americans reinvested just 10% of our buying power, more than one million jobs nationwide could be created.

Study conducted by the Empowerment Experiment Foundation in partnership with the Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University.



NBLA collaborates with major corporations to enrich their social responsibility initiatives. Partner with us today, for a robust community reinvestment strategy that will immediately strengthen Alabama’s African American communities.


Are you or your organization an ally to the African American Community? Are you or your organization already an NBLA member, but would like to invest above and beyond the membership pledge?

Submit your information below for access to our comprehensive package.


By becoming a member of NBLA, you automatically give back to Alabama’s business community!  Your annual dues are reinvested into initiatives that directly benefit your company and community.




Strategic community reinvestment through Cooperative Economics


Develop business models that address Alabama’s specific needs


Make Generational Wealth Creation the foundation of African American culture


There is power in unity. We are the collective voice for progress in business policy







  • NBLA empowers self-sustainable African-American communities by strategically uniting business owners, investors, and patrons; to reinvest our commonwealth for the future generations of Alabama.
  • We also partner with larger well-established businesses to enhance supplier diversity and serve as a vocal advocate, for comprehensive legislative policy agendas.
  • Ultimately, NBLA works directly with community members to foster the development of enterprises and alliances that address the immediate commercial needs of African-Americans.
  • During the initial phase of development, our pilot programs service communities in the Birmingham Metropolitan Area, NBLA headquarters. For more information on how your city can immediately engage, please e-mail our Executive Director: Arden@AlabamaBusiness.Org
  • Most Definitely! Patrons may join The National Business League of Alabama for access to a comprehensive registry of African-American businesses, along with special discounts and promotional offers available only to NBLA members.
  • Interested in owning a business? Our members have access to a wealth of information and resources to kick-start their journey towards self-employment.
  • Chambers of Commerce exist to promote and protect the interests of businesses in a particular place. Strictly connecting business owners with other business owners (B2B) and specific development resources.
  • Leagues, particularly The National Business League of Alabama, exist to connect businesses directly with the communities they serve, including prospective customers and investors. NBLA’s end goal is to foster an all-inclusive culture of cooperative economics, circulating the dollar within specific African-American neighborhoods, to reinvest our commonwealth for the greater good. Resulting in the development of new businesses and public services that are specific to the needs of patrons.

Members Only


Join NBLA today to build a robust professional network and obtain the resources necessary to take your business to the next level.

Commercial Repository

  • This is a premium, members only feature. NBLA members have access to a comprehensive registry of African-American businesses. You will also receive special promotional offers from local Alabama businesses that are only available to our members.

Digital Members Network

  • As a member you will be able to login into a password protected site and engage with like minded business owners, investors and patrons. Our digital back-office will serve as a central hub, for the exchange of ideas and resources. Self-sustainable African-American communities start with you!

Disclaimer: Phase two of NBLA’s website will include full News, Resources and Events tabs for public information purposes. Our Digital Members Network and Commercial Repository features will be made available to Members Only, as we build out our website offerings.

Your patience and continued support is greatly appreciated!